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Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes, we deliver throughout Central Ohio – usually for no charge.
Q: What’s the difference between rebuild and remanufacture?
A: These essentially mean the same thing. One important distinction is the process in which the unit undergoes. Typically a remanufactured unit is run through an assembly line process, whereas a rebuild is performed by one or two rebuilders.
Q: OEM vs. aftermarket. What’s the difference?  Which is better?
A: OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. When we remanufacture units such as an Eaton-Fuller transmission, we use OEM parts (genuine Eaton-Fuller parts) as opposed to aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are generally made overseas, far cheaper, and inferior in quality.
Q: Is a remanufactured unit as good as a new unit?
A: Our remanufacturing process returns the unit to as close to new as possible; with it performing as well as a new unit. Our process of returning the unit to OEM specs, and using OEM gearing, exceeds all industry standards.
Q: Can I my transmission upgrade to make it more heavy-duty?
A: At times we are able to upgrade a unit to make it more heavy-duty.  We often accomplish this by using heavier duty bearings, heavier duty torque converter, gearing etc.  All Goodale units are automatically remanufactured with all available updates.
Q: Is Goodale the cheapest?
A: Typically we are not cheapest. Why? Because we cannot provide the level of quality we demand and also be the cheapest. We are very competitively priced - and unquestionably provide the best value.