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It’s Personal – Really Personal.

Jason Comer | March 14, 2014
Hello. I’m Jason Comer, and in January of 2013 I became the President of Goodale Auto-Truck Parts Co. To be the President of any company is special – a tremendous responsibility; an honor; a privilege. In my case it’s something else. It’s personal – really personal.
Why? In 1974 my grandfather bought Goodale, and I am now the third generation of my family to run the business. I grew up around the company. I admired and idolized my grandparents, father, uncles, and aunt as they built the business. But they showed me more. I saw the significance of what happens under this roof – within these walls. I saw the long-term relationships with customers. Real people. Real trust. I saw that while on the surface we may be working on your transmission or drivetrain, we are responsible for so much more. By keeping you on the road – not in the shop, we are helping you build YOUR business, and ultimately take care of YOUR families. A tremendous  responsibility. An honor. A privilege. It’s personal – really personal.
Then there’s the flip side – our employees. We are blessed with a staff of over 35 people that have an average of 19 years of experience with Goodale. People who come in every day wanting to do the right thing – wanting to be experts at what they do – wanting to take care of our customers.  Real people. Real dedication. People who take care of THEIR families by what THEY do at Goodale. A tremendous responsibility. An honor. A privilege. It’s personal – really personal.
And so now it’s my turn. My turn to lead Goodale. Have no doubt of the pride I have in this company. Have no doubt of my commitment to providing the highest level of quality products, capabilities, and service in the industry. Above all, have no doubt of the responsibility I feel to YOU and OUR employees. A tremendous  responsibility. An honor. A privilege. It’s personal – really personal.
Thank you.